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Enabling businesses with voice solutions that can best serve their communication needs. The new Postpaid packages offer enhanced value on local voice and data with the latest smartphone offering.

Fiber Net

Fiber Net Services is an Internet service that relies on the latest fiber optics technologies to offer all the speed and stability that our customer’s business deserves.

Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access (DIA ) is a dedicated, symmetrical, committed, reliable, secure, scalable internet service that is provided through many modern access technologies to meet different business needs.

International Ethernet-VPN

it is a reliable and secured Layer-2 service that enables Mobily Business customers to connect two sites (one national and the other international ) through a single point-to-point circuit, allowing a variety of protocols and giving security, flexibility, and controllability for the traffic of enterprise WAN.

Networks Infrastructure​

Easylink specializes in the design and installation of structured cabling systems with an emphasis on new construction and corporate relocations. Whether your network is ten computers or ten buildings in a campus environment, Easylink can provide the copper and fiber cabling are needed to connect voice and data across the LAN

Delivery and Operation

Modern Technology

Installing telephone lines, modern technologies, and broadband for business customers.


Installation of all interior telecommunications and network devices for business sector customers


Transferring the departments of business customers from the network to the new network.


Employment of specialists and experts from project forces.

Support & installations

Supply, installation, and programming of special communications equipment from cabins and accessories to strengthen the internal lighting of important customers.

Special Communications

Supply, installation, and programming of special communications equipment from cabins and accessories to strengthen the internal lighting of important customers.

Air Force Project

The project supports facilities and reforms from modern technologies Supply and installation of standby batteries at air force communication cabins.

MRS project

The routers are installed programmed and linked to the service provider to follow them and avoid crashes.

border outlets

Supply, install, and program communications equipment for border ports.

Raqeb Project

Project installation and supply of cameras for business.

Shabik Project

Project installation and programming of internal Internet internal network for the business sector.

VAST Project

Synthetic satellite communications devices are installed in remote areas of the business sector.

MW business Project

MICROWAVE communications service devices are installed for unused business areas by the wired network.

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Smart Solutions

Smart Home

• Fully Automatic Control.

• Semi-automatic Control.
• Manual Control by Mobile App, Siri, or Google Assistant.
• Manual Control by Wall Switches…
• A Burglar Alarm.
• Sharing Control with Family Members with the Inclusion of Powers
• Custom Control Modes (Cinema Mode Guest Mode. Nap Mode Travel Mode).
• Turning the external lights on automatically at sunset and turning them off at sunrise.
• Turn on the air conditioner automatically upon arrival at home and turn it off when leaving.
• Automate home insurance when traveling.
• Monitor the home around the clock for gas leaks, smoke, and fire control all electrical devices via mobile.
• Automatic opening of gates upon arrival.
• Automatic lighting intensity adjustment.
• Automatic locking of doors upon departure.


• Machine Monitoring and Control.

• Connecting Machines and Operating by Priority.
• Notify actions When Machines Are Running.
• Prevent The Operation of The Machine.
• Sending Messages To The Maintenance Supervisor In The Event Of A Malfunction.


• Automatic Lighting Control Or via Mobile.

• Monitor the Refrigerator Temperature in Real-time.
• Opening And Closing the Blinds Automatically According to Time or By Mobile.
• Docking the Doors Automatically by mobile.
• Turning On and Off Electrical Inclusions Through the Mobile Phone And Sending Messages In The Event Of A Malfunction.


• Heat Sensor

• Motion And Ultraviolet Ray Sensor
• Gas Leakage Sensor
• Water Leakage Sensor
• Moisture Sensitive
• Smoke And Fire Sensor
• Multi-controller
• Switches And Circuit Breakers
• Close The Doors
• Electrical Connections